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city lives цены


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From World City to the World in One City examines changing geographies of Liverpool through and across the lives of Malay seamen who arrived in the city during its final years as a major imperial port. Draws upon life histories and memories of people who met at the Malay Club in Liverpool until its closure in 2007, to examine changing urban sites and landscapes as well as the city’s historically shifting constitutive connections In considering the historical presence of Malay seamen in Liverpool, draws attention to a group which has previously received only passing mention in historical and geographical studies of both that city, and of multi-ethnic Britain more widely Demonstrates that Liverpool-based Malay men sustained social connections with Southeast Asia long before scholars began to use terms such as ‘globalization’ or ‘transnationalism’ Based on a diverse range of empirical data, including interviews with members of the Malay Club in Liverpool and interviews in Southeast Asia, as well as archival and secondary sources Accessibly-written for non-academic audiences interested in the history and urban social geography of Liverpool

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