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judith duncan if wishes were horses цены

There is widespread belief in a warm and comforting story which states the horse is a gentle herbivore. What if a Rosetta Stone had been found to unlock the dark secrets of the horse’s past?An international multi-million dollar industry serviced by horse whisperers, glossy magazines and popular culture preaches that horses are meek prey animals who fear predators. What if evidence demonstrated horses have slain lions, tigers, pumas, wolves, hyenas and humans?Contemporary writers have successfully airbrushed murderous and meat-eating horses out of literature. What if Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Steve McQueen provided artistic evidence to refute that claim?Thanks to global equestrian amnesia, the crucial role played by horses in recent history has been lost to mankind. What if testimony revealed meat-eating horses had been used to explore the Poles and photographs had been discovered of Tibet’s blood-eating horses? Deadly Equines is a revolutionary departure from equestrian romance. It is a fact-filled analysis which reveals how humanity has known about meat-eating horses for at least four thousand years, during which time horses have consumed nearly two dozen different types of protein, including human flesh, and that these episodes have occurred on every continent, including Antarctica.Various sources of corroborating data, including legends, literature, cinema, news stories, scientific reports and eyewitness accounts are presented for the reader’s investigation. None of...

Ресурс Pobeda-estate поможет купить judith duncan if wishes were horses, сначала проверив оптимальные цены. Цена judith duncan if wishes were horses берет отсчет с 116.1 рублей и может заканчиваться 9614 руб. Данный товар есть возможность приобрести в 4 популярных маркетах СНГ, среди которых litres.ru, ozon.ru, kupivip.ru, techport.ru. На конец 2019-го года средневзвешенная стоимость на judith duncan if wishes were horses на уровне 1458.75 рублей. Отзывы о judith duncan if wishes were horses довольно доброжелательные, а бренд хвалят своим друзьям очень многие покупатели .

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