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l m montgomery chronicles of avonlea цены

This antiquarian volume contains a collection of short stories by L. M. Montgomery, and constitutes a sequel to the "Chronicles of Avonlea". It contains numerous stories relating to the inhabitants of the fictional Canadian town of Avonlea and its surrounding region, one of which stars and is narrated by Anne Shirley, a character from one of Montgomery's previous works. This lovely collection is a veritable must-read for fans and collectors of Montgomery's work, and it would make for a worthy addition to any bookshelf. The chapters of this text include: "Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat", "The Materializing of Cecil", "Her Father's Daughter", "Jane's Baby", "The Dream-Child", "The Brother Who Failed", "The Return of Hester", "The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily", "Sara's Way", "The Son of this Mother", etcetera. We are republishing this antiquarian book now in an affordable, modern edition - complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.

Нужен весь каталог товаров, которые предлагаются по названию l m montgomery chronicles of avonlea аж у одного из 3 лучших гипермаркетов... Подбирайте среди вот тех порталов: chitai-gorod.ru, ozon.ru, bookvoed.ru, а сумма платежа будет примерно 634.48 руб! Мы 3 года обеспечиваем способ купить l m montgomery chronicles of avonlea дешево — ценник от 240 рублей.

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