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multi core x8 цены

Сегодня есть шанс приобрести multi core x8 у одного из магазинов отобранных партнеров: pleer.ru, citilink.ru, ozon.ru, 123.ru, Aliexpress VIP, litres.ru, just.ru. Выбирайте скорее ассортимент — 7 торговых площадок, при средней цене продукта порядка 4668.06 руб. За счет весьма хороших рекомендаций о multi core x8 допустимо легко характеризовать производителя DeepCool как отличную и серьезную компанию.

Programming multi-core and many-core computing systems Sabri Pllana, Linnaeus University, Sweden Fatos Xhafa, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain Provides state-of-the-art methods for programming multi-core and many-core systems The book comprises a selection of twenty two chapters covering: fundamental techniques and algorithms; programming approaches; methodologies and frameworks; scheduling and management; testing and evaluation methodologies; and case studies for programming multi-core and many-core systems. Program development for multi-core processors, especially for heterogeneous multi-core processors, is significantly more complex than for single-core processors. However, programmers have been traditionally trained for the development of sequential programs, and only a small percentage of them have experience with parallel programming. In the past, only a relatively small group of programmers interested in High Performance Computing (HPC) was concerned with the parallel programming issues, but the situation has changed dramatically with the appearance of multi-core processors on commonly used computing systems. It is expected that with the pervasiveness of multi-core processors, parallel programming will become mainstream. The pervasiveness of multi-core processors affects a large spectrum of systems, from embedded and general-purpose, to high-end computing systems. This book assists programmers in mastering the efficient programming of multi-core systems, which is of paramount importance for the software-intensive industry towards a more effective product-development cycle. Key features: Lessons, challenges, and roadmaps ahead. Contains real world examples and case studies. Helps programmers in mastering the efficient programming of multi-core and many-core systems. The book serves as a reference for a larger audience of practitioners, young researchers and graduate level students. A basic level of programming knowledge is required to use this book.

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